Case Studies

Case Studies

Fact File
Location London W1
Type Lease renewal
Issue Holding over
Project Manager Joanna Reece
0118 955 7080

Securing a fixed term lease for 5 years plus a significant rental increase for commercial premises

Client Issue

Our client owned commercial premises in which the tenant had been holding over for several years and which we had only just  been instructed to manage. The rent had not increased during this time as the client was concerned about the risk of the premises falling vacant and bearing the costs of holding an empty property.


This lay in listening to the needs of the tenant, understanding the direction of the business, and evaluating the market for the premises, were they to fall vacant.  By adopting an empathetic but robust approach to the negotiations, we were able to secure both a fixed term lease for 5 years plus a significant rental increase.


A happy client and a happy tenant, both of whom understood the benefits of a secure lease and who both could begin to plan for the longer term.

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