A Day in the Life of…


James Moore. Who talks about what attracted him to a career in the commercial property industry and why Hicks Baker is providing him with the ideal platform to continue his professional development.

“My interest in the world of property stemmed from my father whose company refurbished industrial property. After completing a degree in Ancient History at the University of Birmingham I decided that I would like to work within property industry and completed a Masters (MSc) in Real Estate Management at Birmingham City University. The course included modules in sustainability, law and management all of which were relevant to my chosen career in commercial property, providing me with the core knowledge on which to build in my role at Hicks Baker.

I previously worked as a residential estate agent in London and many of the customer facing skills I picked up in that role have been transferable and provided me with a great foundation to build on at Hicks Baker.

Hicks Baker has provided me with a fantastic start in the commercial property sector. My main focus has been to support my Director in the Business Space team with acquisitions and disposals of offices and industrial buildings, though not, of course, at the same time!

There are some similarities between the residential and commercial sectors when disposing of buildings but I have found the new (to me) field of property acquisition particularly interesting. You must first establish which space is going to be suitable for you client by understanding their needs this is followed by viewing multiple properties and this can involve working closely with other agents, something that definitely wasn’t the case when I worked in residential! Once a client has decided which property they would like to occupy it is our responsibility to negotiate the best possible commercial terms for them. Points of negotiation can include the rent or price, rent free periods or other incentives, parking and issues relating of the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

It is very important in this role to develop strong owner and occupier relationships because the relationship between the parties can last many years. By working very closely with both in the wider market, we can build an understanding of what is important to them, thus ensuring that the right deal is agreed and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Working at Hicks Baker is giving me great exposure to the ever changing trends of the commercial real estate market. I’ve only recently started at Hicks Baker but the business has already offered me so much support and has fantastic processes in place to support the development of its’ staff members.

I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge within the Business Space team as well as working with the team to expand our client portfolio”.

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