Our expertise enables us to manage your property acquisition process to our client’s best advantage. We work closely with clients to define investment objectives and implement strategies to deliver success.

When acquiring stock selection, it is fundamental to identify current and future value. Strategic asset management will unlock the performance of a property. Regular monitoring and reappraisal will determine the best time to hold or swiftly release an asset.


Hicks Baker’s track record of delivering commercially viable sites to developers throughout the Thames Valley and across the UK, is built upon a detailed market knowledge and thorough, professional approach to the development process. The Thames Valley region represents one of the most dynamic and fast moving commercial markets in the UK so up to date information and market insight is a key element in ensuring our clients are able to secure the best sites on the best terms.

Based in Reading, our market coverage includes all areas within the Thames Valley including Bracknell, Henley, Maidenhead, Marlow, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Slough, Windsor and Wokingham.

With a finite land supply and restrictive planning regime, finding suitable sites for development can be a lengthy and complicated process which can leave unwary purchasers liable for unexpected additional costs.

Hicks Baker is committed to working with clients through what can be a protracted time frame, advising on how market circumstances and local conditions, financing arrangements and legislative events might affect a transaction.

Development Appraisal
Understanding the complexities of the development process is a skill Hicks Baker has developed over many years across a wide range of varied developments, and this wealth of experience ensures that client objectives are consistently achieved.

Whatever the type of development and whichever options are suggested by the initial site appraisal – from refurbishment to rebuilding – Hicks Baker links with an Occupational Demand Study to maximise each investment as a long term or re-sale asset.

For developers seeking an end sale for a completed scheme and for investors disposing of individual or a portfolio of properties, Hicks Baker provides all the expertise needed to deliver a successful commercial outcome. Once the feasibility of a scheme is established, Hicks Baker works with other professionals to develop a master plan for the site. From planning applications to advising on construction and overseeing all project management aspects, the service is complete.

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