Building Surveying and Project Management

Building Surveying and Project Management

Our Building Surveying and Project Management services for owners cover the life of a building from inception and design, through to the administration of building contracts, to the preparation of planned maintenance programmes and terminal schedules of dilapidations.

Building surveying is a vital tool offered to owners to ensure any issues with a property you own are identified early to avoid unnecessary future expenditure. 

Gas and Electric EPC ratings for commercial property

New energy regulations from April 2018 mean that landlords can longer let or renew a lease on qualifying commercial properties without a rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’.

When commissioning Energy Performance Certificates for your commercial property, there may be circumstances where there are anomalies between the actual construction and some of the default assumptions made- leading to an incorrect rating which does not accurately reflect the performance of the building. Premises with lower ratings may be harder to let and maybe harder to sell should you decide to change your investment portfolio.

Not all EPCs can and should be questioned, but the assessor must have as much information as possible about the building fabric. If you find that there is insufficient evidence to provide an accurate rating for your building, then Hicks Baker’s expert building surveying team can help query the results, and may be able to provide additional evidence of the actual building performance to save you a significant amount of capital expenditure.

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