The High Value, Low Risk Approach to Commercial Property Disposals

Disposing of a commercial property can be a complex and time-consuming business. Effective marketing of your property to achieve the best rent or price is just one consideration. There are many other issues to take into account and contacts with third parties that need to be managed to ensure that the transaction proceeds to completion smoothly and efficiently.

If the process isn’t tightly managed, property disposals can take up a lot of management time and end up costing more than is necessary. For all types of client, whether private landlords, public sector, SMEs, large corporations or financial institutions, what matters is that they achieve quick results, are kept fully informed, and that the process is made as simple as possible.

Using our understanding of what commercial landlords and owners need, Hicks Baker has put together a collection of service packages for disposals of offices and industrial premises. Our value driven approach is based on three key elements:

  • Insights into the dynamics of the local commercial property market.
  • Understanding of your objectives.
  • Action to deliver the best results and keep the process on track.

There are three levels of support and marketing packages.

Support Packages

The Standard support package is designed for clients who want to remain fairly hands-on but who also want a more streamlined transaction process whilst tapping in to Hicks Baker’s market knowledge and expertise. At the Advanced level we manage more of the process, including attending all viewings, providing detailed updates, offering comprehensive market insight and managing contractors. The Bespoke service is fully managed and we handle all aspects of the marketing and the transaction on your behalf.

Marketing Your Property

Similarly, there are three levels of support to help market your property to achieve the best rent or price. At each level you will receive a detailed briefing, market appraisal and clear recommendations.

The packages range from simply listing your property on the Hicks Baker website and the most popular online portals, through to a completely Bespoke package for larger properties which offers tailor made support which might include a dedicated website, comprehensive digital marketing and use-state-of-the-art VR technology.

Depending on the nature of the property and your precise objectives the ideal support and marketing package is available. All packages are reinforced by Hicks Baker’s understanding of the Thames Valley commercial property market and our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service.

The service packages reflect our mission to maximise value and reduce risk to deliver superior performance for commercial property landlords, investors and tenants.

To find out more contact the Hicks Baker team on 0118 959 6144.