Top Tips

Top Tips

Top Tips for Wellbeing and the Work Environment

Staff wellbeing isn’t just about being a responsible employer; wellbeing affects productivity, decision making, absence through sickness, and safety. The design of your work environment can be hugely influential in promoting wellbeing.

Access to good quality natural light and controllable heating and ventilation are basic requirements for a healthy work environment. But what else can you do? Here are our top tips for creating a healthier work space.

1. Ensure M&E systems are well maintained
Hot, dry air increases the risk of breathing problems and eye and throat infections. Excessive heat fosters tiredness or lack of concentration. This affects productivity and can increase the risk of accidents.

2. Get your team to stand up more
Remaining sedentary is a major contribution towards illness – even if you compensate with vigorous exercise before or after work. Encourage staff to get up from their desks at least once an hour. Office layouts can be designed to make people walk further to, for example, go to the photocopier or the kitchen.
Find a way to remind staff to get up at least once an hour and encourage people to use stairs rather than lifts.

3. Imaginative meeting spaces
Meeting room layouts with standing space or shelves around the walls with plugs for laptops make standing an easier option. Standing up meetings tend to be shorter and more focused.

4. Consider unconventional furniture
‘Upright’ desks allow the level of the desk surface to be adjusted so staff can either sit or stand to work at their PC according to their task.

5. Think about access to green space
If you’re looking for new accommodation consider how easy it will be for staff to access green space and fresh air during their breaks.

No business is too small to have policies that promote a healthy workplace and you can achieve a lot without spending a fortune. If you want to go further you can look at subsidised gym membership, installing gym equipment, or maybe subletting part of your premises to a personal trainer, as one of clients did recently.

Movement needs to be an important part of our daily lives. A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive one.

For further information or any queries on wellbeing in the work environment please contact Stephen Head, 0118 955 7089 or email s.head@hicksbaker.co.uk.